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This is what happens in metaverse jail [Metaversian News Issue 009]

published9 months ago
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Metaversian News Issue 009

Thursday March 10, 2022

“Go straight to metaverse jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.”

Welcome to Issue 009 of Metaversian News.

The metaverse is growing every day and so are its users.

It's still all meta and no verse.

Nothing is connected yet.

Every little walled garden remains behind a gate.

But, it's growing.

We're almost there.

Let's go!

Building the Metaverse

“It ain’t gonna build itself.”

The metaverse's first "police force" has assembled.

The guns aren't real, the courts aren't real, and the jail isn't real.

You have to opt-in to be arrested.

It's all fun and games until...

It's just all fun and games.

None of this is real.

They're just a bunch of role-players.

I'm not sure how difficult it is to join them because the article linked above implies they have a ton of members already.

But if we're just having fun and nobody's getting hurt...

...I'd rather be the criminal.

It's interesting to think if we're going to be "living" in the metaverse, how will laws be created and enforced?

Metaverse Events

“Meet me in the metaverse.”

Input Magazine is having their "VR Week 2022" right now.

It's not an event in the sense that you go and attend it.

VR Week is where Input Mag looks at virtual reality from all angles through a series of articles.

The article above about the metaverse police is one example.

Some other articles are:

NFT News

“All the news that’s fit to mint.”

It's Women's History Month!

World of Women and Billboard have teamed up to create an exclusive NFT in honor of Billboard’s Women in Music.

The series of NFTs feature WOW founder Yam Karkai’s portraits of music icons Christina Aguilera, Madonna, and Mariah Carey gracing the cover of Billboard.

The covers were showcased during the 2022 Billboard Women in Music event.

Watch this video of the event.

Metaverse (& NFT) Marketing

“Web3 is already an oversaturated market; here’s how you stand out.”

A Call to Action (CTA) is a necessary part of any marketing material.

It might seem obvious to you when your website or email says to buy something.

But analytics show time and time again that having a direct call to action increases sales.

A CTA is clear and direct.

It can be as simple as "buy now!"

Some studies have concluded that they work even better when spoken as the consumer.

For example:

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I don't know why that is.

Psychology is weird.


“Life is only a dream, and the metaverse is an extension of ourselves.”

There is a difference between programming and coding.

For those old enough to remember "programming" a VCR, there is no code there.

Musicians "program" analog synthesizers and there is no code there, either.

Although I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to learn to code, I have come to the conclusion I probably will never be a coder.

But I can be a programmer.

With the arrival of No-Code platforms, you can build pretty much anything without typing a single line of code.

This week, I found that the Nexus blockchain has a plugin for the No-Code app

To be clear: I don't know much about the Nexus blockchain yet and I'm not sure how sustainable it is.

For anyone who wants to build a dApp but doesn't know how to code, and the Nexus plugin may be the solution for you.

Touch Grass

“So we don’t lose touch with reality.”

In my quest to have a healthy meatspace body, I've started taking vitamins.

I already take prescription-strength fish oil (yes that's real) as recommended by my doctor.

Now I'm also taking Athletic Greens.

I haven't taken it every morning since I got it, but I have noticed a small increase in both energy and positive mood.

I got a starter kit that came with the vitamin mix, a canister and scoop, a bottle, and a "year supply" of vitamin D and K drops.

It doesn't taste terrible and it goes down quick anyway.

I drink it first thing in the morning while my coffee is brewing.

Note that it is not a meal replacement.

It is not filling at all.

It's just vitamins in water.

See you next week,
— Garrett AKA megabyteGhost

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