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New song! (Exclusive for you)

Published over 1 year ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader,

You're getting this email because you downloaded one or more of my:

  1. Albums
  2. Songs
  3. Stems
  4. Loops
  5. Samples

We all get enough email already, and I don't want to send you emails you don't want, so there's a few options here:

If you don't want any emails from me, you can unsubscribe. There's a link at the bottom of this email.

Or, you can hit reply and let me know which of the following applies to you:

There are basically 3 types of people downloading my stuff:

First, the standard idea of Fans who want to listen to my music and that's it. They've downloaded albums and/or songs but probably not any stems, loops, or samples.

Then there's DJs who have downloaded albums, songs, and/or stems. Maybe loops and samples.

Then there's Producers who might download the albums and songs to listen to, maybe stems for remixing, but are mostly interested in loops and samples.

So, I've set up the 3 options as tags that I can put on your email address:

  1. Fan - Only notified of albums and songs
  2. DJ - Notified of albums, songs, and stems
  3. Producer - Notified of everything: albums, songs, stems, loops, and samples.

From there I will be able to make sure you only receive emails you want to receive.

Just hit reply and let me know which you want to be tagged as.

On to your free exclusive song!

The first song I've released in a while is going to be exclusive to email subscribers (like you), but I need to finish separating the stems and loops before I send it to you.

I will be sending the files out tomorrow to anyone still on my email list.


You can listen on YouTube right now as much as you want:

Thanks for sticking around, and thank you even more for supporting my passion!

-Garrett aka megabyteGhost

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