Metaversian News Issue 005

Sunday January 30, 2022

“If you like building houses in The Sims™️, this issue is for you.”

Welcome to Issue 005 of Metaversian News.

Last week I said that this week we would have a referral program with exclusive NFTs.

Well, we're 3 days late and that's not happening.

Building the metaverse is tougher than I thought ;)

Which is exactly what this issue is going to be about.

Buildings in the metaverse!

Let's go!

Building the Metaverse

“It ain’t gonna build itself.”

I mentioned you could get paid to play The Sims™️ and that is almost true.

You can get paid to build houses like in The Sims™️.

Houses people will buy and place on their own metaversian property.

You could also build art galleries or night clubs.

People are already building these and selling them for tens of thousands of dollars.

You don't have to know building laws or even the laws of physics.

Some companies build custom, one of a kind metaverse offices for companies.

These one-offs cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Others are creating infinitely duplicable buildings that they can sell for less, but to a far wider audience.

I wrote about how to get started here:

Metaverse Events

“Meet me in the metaverse.”

I don't mean to harp on how expensive getting involved in the metaverse is.

No wait. I do. I do mean to push that issue.

My whole modus operandi is "make the metaverse financially accessible to everyone."

That said, this is another expensive event, but it's a relatively fair price for a 3 day event.

Permissionless, on May 17-19 in Palm Beach, Florida, is not billed as a conference.

Like a conference, there are speakers, and there's an overall topic of DeFi and the metaverse.

But they're presenting this more like a party than anything else.

It looks like a lot of fun.

I'll be trying to procure some tickets, so if I make it, I'll be sure to write about it.

Let me know if you're going so we can meet up!

The tickets are pricey and they keep going up the longer you wait.

They only release 250 tickets every two weeks.

Check it out to see if this is the kind of thing you're into:

NFT News

“All the news that’s fit to mint.”

It occurred to me this week that there are two driving forces behind NFTs:

  1. The value they hold.
  2. The celebrities who get involved.

These are the two things that prove this is not a fad.

Here's a short list of celebrities who are involved in the NFT space:

  • Jimmy Fallon
  • William Shatner
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Tony Hawk
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Eminem
  • Paris Hilton
  • Justin Bieber
  • Steph Curry
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Kate Moss

I myself was not convinced on NFTs until I realized that real people are spending real money on this stuff.

And when you see celebrities getting involved who come from all different arts and all different generations...

This is real and this is now.

Tony Hawk is cool but seeing Reese Witherspoon get involved should be an ah-ha moment for you.

Metaverse (& NFT) Marketing

“Web3 is already an oversaturated market; here’s how you stand out.”

Social media is considered a no-brainer as a part of modern marketing.

It wasn’t always that way.

When social media started, brands thought “we don’t need that; we already put stuff in newspapers and magazines.”

And then it became, “It could help but don’t spend a lot on it. Put an intern on it.”

Next was, “let’s put a small team on it.”

Now, social media teams are a necessary part of a wholistic marketing plan.

Right now, the metaverse is still mostly in the “we don’t need that” area of business.

Now is the time to get into it.

Now is the time to build.

But if you're having difficulty seeing how your business can fit in the metaverse, let me know.

We'll figure it out.


“Life is only a dream, and the metaverse is an extension of ourselves.”

Apple's Tim Cook teased Apple's AR plans this week.

This is the kind of thing I'm most excited about when it comes to the metaverse.

I can't wait to be able to wear my normal clothes in meatspace...

...but have all sorts of interesting decorations when someone looks at me wearing AR glasses.

You'll be able to look like whatever you want.

Of course, they can take off their glasses and see the real you.

Or maybe that's the fake you.

Maybe the real you will be how you present yourself in AR.

Something to think about.

Read more about Apple's AR glasses here:

Touch Grass

“So we don’t lose touch with reality.”

Sleep habits are really important.

I am a terrible sleeper.

Part of the problem is that I'm always excited to wake up the next morning.

Every night I try to fall asleep but my mind keeps running about all the possibilities of what tomorrow holds.

The motivation is good, but I've got to do something about this.

It's hurting my ability to be productive.

Now, it's time for me to build sleep habits.

A couple things I want to start doing 1 hour before bed:

  1. Drink chamomile tea w/ CBD oil.
  2. Put on blue blocker glasses.
  3. Place my phone and all other electronic devices away in my office.
  4. Read a fictional book for the last hour of the day.

Do you have any tips or tricks to get my sleep problems under control?

Just hit reply and let me know.

I'd really appreciate it.

See you next week,
— Garrett AKA megabyteGhost

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The rest goes towards making more of this newsletter.



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I shouldn't even have to say this stuff.

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