Clean your digital footprint in 5 days.

Or less. You could do this all in one day.

Everyone is sick of hearing about data breaches.

Yahoo, Yahoo again, Walmart, Uber, the US Army, the US Department of Defense, Target, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, TJ Maxx, TMobile, Starbucks, Steam, Ubisoft, Hyatt, Marriot...

Something you use has been hacked and the data has been breached and leaked.

Your information is out there for sale.

But, you can minimize the damage a lot.

It's too late to clean up what's already been done, but we can obfuscate it and move foward in a much safer way.

This free course will teach you how to do it in five (5) days or less.

It's a 5 day email course

But you will also have the option to get the whole guide in PDF form.

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